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Paul Popenoe and ‘Hiterlism’ leading to the decline of Hitlerism

[Source] Donald K. Pickens, in his book, Eugenics and the Progressives, 1968 “The major factor in the decline of eugenics was undoubtedly Hitlerism.  The contributing factor was a movement in psychiatry which tended to deny the importance of heredity.”

CF Dight’s Crusade With Hitler for Genetic Counseling

Many people believe the Nazis were entirely different animals than the rest of humanity, but the truth is that they had many ideological ‘friends’ elsewhere, and no, not in the circles of white supremacy.  Rather, they were doctors and scientists and other professionals of good standing, well regarded in America at the time.  CF Dight …

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Richard Dawkins: Eugenics may not be bad

People who advance ‘eugenic’ ideas while trying to assert that what they are proposing is not ‘eugenics’ at all, but rather a straight-forward inference from evolutionary science, fail to understand that the eugenicists themselves believed they were simply making a straight-forward inference from Darwinism.  And, indeed, it is a straight-forward inference, which is why so …

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On the Elimination of Defectives: Hitler, in Mein Kampf

Note the utilitarian appeal to the reduction of suffering, the appeal to the ‘common good’, and the basic belief that all he is doing is applying biological principles. Hitler, in Mein Kampf.  [Source] In this field the People’s State will have to repair the damage that arises from the fact that the problem is at …

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Josef Mengele and creating a human super-race, as though you were breeding horses

As quoted in Mengele: The Complete Story by Gerald L. Posner and John Ware (1986) on page 43: … [Josef] Mengele’s main aim, as interpreted by Dr. Puzyna, the inmate anthropologist, was wholly unscientific: I found Mengele a picture of what can only be described as a maniac.  He turned the truth on its head.  …

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Gordon Rattray Taylor: “The Biological Time Bomb” — the remaking of society via eugenics, family planning, and education

Gordon Rattray Taylor’s 1968 book, The Biological Time Bomb, was referenced in the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court ruling as providing insight on future developments in America.  Taylor’s book was released at a time when the term ‘eugenics’ had not yet fallen out of favor.  Though he does not explicitly endorse many of the things …

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Life Unworthy of Life Yesterday and Today, Science, Secularism, and the Sanctity of Life

This foreword is reprinted with permission of the author and may not be copied and re-posted.  The foreword originally appears in the translation of Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche’s Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life | Buy on Amazon | Kindle Life Unworthy of Life Yesterday and Today, Science, Secularism, and the …

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Frederick Taylor and the Connection Between Eugenics, Capitalism, and Communism: Scientific Management

Buy “Scientific Management” on Amazon | Kindle | Nook Frederick Taylor and the Connection Between Eugenics, Capitalism, and Communism:  Scientific Management Frederick Winslow Taylor has blood on his hands. Judging from the reaction typical of those familiar with Taylor’s work, the idea that he, or at least, his ideas, were complicit in any great crimes …

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Subsidizing the Fit: An American Evolutionist and Eugenicist Endorses early German Efforts to Establish an Aryan Race

Chapter XXXV:  Human Conservation / subsection: Subsidizing the Fit by Herbert E. Walter Found in Readings in Evolution, Genetics, and Eugenics, edited by Horatio Hackett Newman, Professor of Zoology in the University of Chicago, in 1921; Newman also gave testimony at the ‘Scopes Monkey’ trial.   Page 480-481 The following unconfirmed newspaper clipping illustrates the point …

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