Crypto-Eugenics: Quotes of Eugenicists Discussing the Need for a Covert Eugenics Program

One of the pervasive problems surrounding eugenics is that many people believe eugenics programs have completely disappeared.  If there are similarities today to past eugenics goals and aims, it is purely coincidental, and certainly people who make similar proposals do not have the same eugenic reasons for their proposals–or, so the sentiment goes.  Part of this is because most people are unfamiliar with just what eugenicists really, fully believed.  The other part is that eugenicists themselves saw, shortly after the fall-out of World War Two became evident, the need to re-shape and re-package their eugenics programs.  Certainly, avoiding the use of the word is an obvious first step!  This is not conspiracy-mongering.  In the quotes below, you will hear in their own words precisely this.


C.P. Blacker

In 1957, C.P. Blacker was the Honorary Secretary of the Eugenics Society.  He distributed a memo entitled “The Eugenics Society’s Future.”  According to a record of events that followed:

Dr. Blacker went on to discuss three possible policies for the future:

(a) that the Society should pursue ends by less obvious means, that is by a policy of crypto-eugenics, which was apparently proving successful with the US Eugenics Society;
(b) that the Society should concentrate on the eugenic aspects of current problems and should campaign for the control of immigration, and for a reduction in the total population of Great Britain;
(c) that the Society should change its constitution and adapt itself to a diminishing membership and the possession of substantial resources by becoming a Trust, Council or Foundation, which would be able to do most of what the Society was already doing but more effectively.

The result of this was an agreement to alter the Society along the following lines:

The Society’s activities in crypto-eugenics should be pursued vigorously, and specifically that the Society should increase its monetary support of the FPA [Family Planning Association, the English branch of Planned Parenthood] and the IPPF [International Planned Parenthood Federation] and should make contact with the Society for the Study of Human Biology, which already has a strong and active membership, to find out if any relevant projects are contemplated with which the Eugenics Society could assist.


Frederick Osborn

In his 1968 book The Future of Human Heredity:An Introduction to Eugenics in Modern Society, eugenicist Frederick Osborn said on page 104 that

“Measures for improving the hereditary base of intelligence and character can be made effective on a voluntary basis without arousing in the individual any conscious concern for eugenics results.  It is well that this is so.  Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under a name other than eugenics.”

For Osborn, future eugenics would be implemented by individuals themselves, upon themselves, not knowing that they were furthering a eugenic agenda, and moreover, thinking it was their own idea.

In March 1973, two months after Roe was handed down, Osborn’s American Eugenics Society changed its name to the “Society for the Study of Social Biology.” The announcement said: “The change of name of the Society does not coincide with any change of its interests or policies.”

Osborn explained the reason:  “The name was changed because it became evident that changes of a eugenic nature would be made for reasons other than eugenics, and that tying a eugenic label on them would more often hinder than help their adoption. Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time. If they had been advanced for eugenic reasons it would have retarded or stopped their acceptance.” [Source]

In 1956, he delivered the annual “Galton” speech for the Eugenics Society.  Galton was the man who coined the word ‘eugenics.’ Here are the closing words:

Galton and Mid-Century Eugenics

(Concluding paragraphs)

It is eighty-six years since Galton published his Hereditary Genius, eighty-six years since he gave us the hope that the average of human intelligence and character could be raised to the level of the upper five or ten per cent to-day; since he envisaged the eugenic movement as something that would sweep the world and make man at last the master of his own destiny on earth. It has not happened. The eugenic movement is nothing but a few small handfuls of men in various countries; here in England, in the United States, in India, in France. They are not influencing public opinion. The very word eugenics is in disrepute in some quarters. Yet I still believe in Galton’s dream. Probably most of you do. We must ask ourselves, what have we done wrong?

I think we have failed to take into account a trait which is almost universal and is very deep in human nature. People simply are not willing to accept the idea that the genetic base on which their character is formed is inferior and should not be repeated in the next generation. We have asked whole groups of people to accept this idea and we have asked individuals to accept it. They have constantly refused, and we have all but killed the eugenic movement.

People will accept the idea of a specific hereditary defect. They will go to a heredity clinic and ask what is the risk of our having a defective child. They balance that risk against the chance of their having a sound child, and they usually come up with a pretty sound decision. But they won’t accept the idea that they are in general second rate. We must rely on other motivation.

Given the right circumstances, people will have children in proportion to their ability to care for them. If they feel financially secure, if they enjoy accepting responsibility, if they have warm affectional responses, if they are physically strong and competent, they are likely to have large families, provided they have a reasonable psychological conditioning to this end. If they are unable to feed the children they have, if they are afraid of responsibility, if their affectional responses are weak, people don’t want many children. If they have effective means of family planning, they won’t have many. Our studies have shown this to be true all over the world. On such a base it is surely possible to build a system of voluntary unconscious selection. But the reasons advanced must be generally acceptable reasons. Let’s stop telling anyone that they have a generally inferior genetic quality, for they will never agree. Let’s base our proposals on the desirability of having children born in homes where they will get affectionate and responsible care, and perhaps our proposals will be accepted.

It seems to me that if it is to progress as it should, eugenics must follow new policies and state its case anew, and that from this rebirth we may, even in our own lifetime, see it moving at last towards the high goals which Galton set for it.


Sheldon C. Reed

More about Sheldon Reed.  In an essay titled “The Local Eugenics Society” published in “The American Journal of Human Genetics” (Vol 9, No. 1, March 1957) he wrote:

… there is no important distinction between research in “pure” genetics and the research in “applied” genetics such as eugenics.  Our present day use of the term “human genetics” instead of “eugenics” may be financially and politically expedient but there is no great philosophical difference between them.



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  1. Salvationists state that people are not animals, and physically base that statement on the fact that there are no living links between animals and people. The reason there are no living links between animals and people is that all those links were exterminated by people.
    These programs of extermination have become deliberate and organized. Adolph Hitler had the volumes of Helena Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine”, and “Isis Unveiled”, in the book case that was right next to his bed. This system of evolution was explained in more simple terms in Max Heindel’s “Rosicrucian Cosmoconception”, in which species, races, and nationalities are listed in order of their designated superiority.
    Jews were considered to be the remains of the “third evolution of the fourth race”, thus, inferior to the “fourth evolution of the fourth race”. This scheme was derived from the “Secret Doctrine”, which supposedly derived it from ancient writings from Tibet. The scheme repeated itself holographically, repeated systems within systems, with the greater scheme representing the descent of life from the spiritual (1), to the astral (2), to the ethereal (3), to the physical (4).
    But, on the way down, life in the spiritual had the consciousness of minerals, life in the astral had the consciousness of plants, life in the ethreal had the consciousness of animals, and then, life in the physical had human consciousness. The evolution of life back up, in the ethereal (5) will have the consciousness of angels, in the astral (6) archangels, and back up in the spiritual (7) principalities.
    In this system there are higher evolutionary life waves so that angels are the group spirits of groups (like families, teams, etc.), archangels are the group spirits of organizations, and, principalities are the group spirits of societies. The Greek word for group spirit, also derived from the root “dem”, from which we get our word “democracy”, is “demon”.
    Coincidently, this system was actually based on the Hebrew Kaballah: the spiritual, which the Jews called Atziluth; the astral, called Briah; the ethreal, called Yetzirah; and, the physical called Assiah. All freemasonic symbolism is based on the Jewish tradition, yet, before the mid Twentieth Century Jews were not allowed to join the lodge. Later Jews were allowed to have their own freemasonic lodges, but were deprived of the supreme grand secret which, thanks to modern medicine, can be printed on a bumper sticker: “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”.
    Adolph Hitler closed all freemasonic lodges? He only allowed his own lodge to exist secretly. Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Tito, were Thelemite freemasons; and today, Mugabe is a Thelemite freemason. The falcon, Ra Hoor Khuit (Horus) is on the Zimbabwean flag. This idol was found in ancient ruins in Zimbabwe, and it was back in those ancient times brought down from ancient Egypt; but, Mugabwe adopted the current, ubiquitous Thelemism for his Machiavellian goals. And, Thelemism is based on that ancient Egyptian scheme that was brought down to Zimbabwe in ancient times.
    It is conspicuous that all the major “satanic” cults promise immediate nonexistence after death, to avoid the return of all the evil karma caused by such cruelty. It has always been quite obvious that “In the one substance, energy, motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind”, so that even these satanists knew that their evil karma was on the way back to them; but, if they became nonexistent, they wouldn’t exist to feel it.
    Even the Ninjas believe that Benzeiten (Ben Satan?), the Japanese Kali (Satan in drag), will absorb them into nonexistence. Kali is the personification of Nothingness. And, Kali promised her Thugee nonexistence after death. Adolph Hitler also belonged to the Order of Satrurn (Satan), and Aleister Crowley’s Thelemite O.T.O, the Agentum Astris (The Great White Brotherhood, also known as the Illuminati today),as well the the Thule Society.
    In the Thelemite bible, Liber Al Vel Legis (Liber Evil Legis) in the first chapter, Nuit (the personification of the infinite nothingness of outer space) promises to absorb her worshipers back into nothingness after death. But, a selfish disregard of others begins in chapter one. In chapter two it starts to get elitist and nasty. Chapter two is Hadit’s chapter, and he represents the infinitesimal point nothingness. Chapter three is Ra Hoor Khuit’s chapter, and it is atrocious, commanding murder and torture of all those considered inferior.
    The Illuminati’s Guide Stones in Georgia order that the population of the human race be reduced to only fifty million people. The other six billion five hundred million of us are to be exterminated. The concentration camps are built; and, efforts are being made to eliminate our Constitution. With a Muslim in power there is an attempt to put America under an Islamic government, which will enable the Illuminati to exterminate everyone who knows their supreme grand secret, “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”.
    In the past this knowledge of our own bodies was kept secret particularly to identify descendants of Cro Magnon Man. All Cro Magnon males have Double Y Chromosomes, and easily stumble upon this secret. Many malicious lies have scandalized Double Y’s. Any male caught knowing anything about this secret was genetically tested for Double Y “syndrome”, and if the test was positive, was, at the very least, sterilized. In the socialized medicine summit of 1995, it was promised that all Double Y’s would be “locked up” (imprisoned for life). Now, that the whole human DNA has been read, female Cro Magnons can now be identified.
    Before modern genetics, Cro Magnons, called the Anakim in the Bible, were suspected of being Cro Magnons by their instinctual knowledge of the supreme grand secret. Surely some Homo Sapiens were mistakenly captured during this perpetual inquisition since the beginning of “civilization”; but now, six billion five hundred million people are to be exterminated. And, the “inquisition” will continue to keep the population from exceeding five hundred million. It is no wonder that there are no species, or subspecies, between the human race and the animals.

    • Daniel Capitanu on November 2, 2017 at 5:28 pm
    • Reply

    It seems that we are going toward a new kind of public morality and political correctness, where one should be hold as a socially irresponsible if he or she disseminates his or her poor and less performant genes to procreate a less performant individual. We should ask ourselves if this is the kind of society where we want to live. Another question to address is : Who has the moral authority to impose a standard of what actually is a perfomant genetic material and then to wonder : Why on the earth Stephen Hawking’s parents let him live. Actually this is a refined and intellectually articulated Nazi policy. Anyone who is willing to employ it should also blame USA for destroying and martyring the Third Reich because they planed to have a society based on this kind of policy.

      • David on May 16, 2020 at 6:06 pm
      • Reply

      Very well said

    • Sue M. on April 22, 2019 at 3:25 pm
    • Reply

    Has anyone ever proven the link between genes and intelligence? More importantly, has anyone ever proven the link between character and intelligence? Don’t claim to be an expert on either issue, but the answer is probably no and no to both questions. And even if the answers are partially yes, environmental factors exert a considerable effect on life outcomes. Sheesh, they teach that in high school.

      • Nehemiah on May 3, 2023 at 1:07 am
      • Reply

      In both twin studies and adoptee studies, the general factor of intelligence is highly heritable. Personality is moderately heritable in self evaluations, but when the self evaluation is averaged together with four observer evaluations, it too becomes highly heritable. Turkheimer’s first rule of sociobiology (Turkheimer is personally very liberal and an extreme “anti-racist”) is that “all human traits are heritable,” because this shows up so repeatedly in the research that it is undeniable. Yes, there are non-genetic influences too, but the genetic factor is bigger than all the other influences combined (which include measurement error by the way). And to the extent that society can better equalize the environmental factors, the traits become even more highly heritable. Schools cannot say much about this because, one, they would upset a large number of parents, and, two, most teachers who grew up in the post WW2 era have very egalitarian beliefs almost as though equality were a religion. The Soviets may have lost the Cold War, but in some ways a “soft Marxism” has nevertheless conquered the world, not in terms of policy, but in terms of outlook, personal belief, and cultural values. I compare it with Platonism. Plato’s political agenda as modeled in “The Republic” never got enacted, yet a few centuries after his death everyone in the Mediterranean world perceived reality through a Platonic worldview.

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