“abortions for low-income people, we are eugenicists” Planned Parenthood

Their efforts are a sign that the left knows it needs new strategies, but also of the wide disagreement over what they should be. In describing her vision, Ms. Reyes used language some say is similar to the rhetoric frequently deployed by abortion rights’ fiercest opponents.

“If all we [Planned Parenthood] do as an organization is pay for abortions for low-income people, we are eugenicists,” Ms. Reyes said. “That is not transformational work. That is slapping a Band-Aid on a huge problem.”


Editor’s note:

It is indeed the case that Planned Parenthood disproportionately ‘serves’ low-income people; coincidentally? these tend to be black communities.  As interesting a concession this is by an abortion advocate, one has to be somewhat disturbed by the acknowledgement that it is “not transformational work.”   For there to be ‘transformation’ everyone, evidently, must be allowed (encouraged?) to abort their children.   But yes indeed. In the words of an abortion advocate herself, PP is engaged in eugenics.  Agree.

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