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Adam Sedwick Predicts Darwin’s Theory would Lead to Horrors; Darwin Not Pleased

After reading Darwin’s Origin, Adam Sedgwick, Darwin’s professor of natural science when he attended the University of Cambridge, wrote Darwin to express deep concerns about the theory: There is a moral or metaphysical part of nature as well as a physical.  A man who denies this is deep in the mire of folly.  Tis the …

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The WANTED Children Are the Problem (Cordelia Scaife May)

Source: Donald T. Critchlow in Intended Consequences: Birth Control, Abortion, and the Federal Government in Modern America.  (Oxford University Press, 1999).  Pages 186-187.  Italics his, bold ours. The letters he cites he references are: Mrs. Cordelia Scaife May to John D. Rockefeller 3rd, November 7, 1974, John D. Rockefeller 3rd Papers (unprocessed), RA Mrs. Cordelia …

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Paul Popenoe and ‘Hiterlism’ leading to the decline of Hitlerism

[Source] Donald K. Pickens, in his book, Eugenics and the Progressives, 1968 “The major factor in the decline of eugenics was undoubtedly Hitlerism.  The contributing factor was a movement in psychiatry which tended to deny the importance of heredity.”

James Dobson, Eugenics, Paul Popenoe, and the American Institute of Family Relations

From the editor of this site: One of the things that has surprised me about setting up this site is the interest in the allegation that James Dobson, and by extension, the ‘evangelical’ community in general, are actually ‘eugenicists.’  The argument, if you can call it that, goes like this:  Paul Popenoe was a eugenicist, …

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Protected: Muzzles

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

A ‘vulgar Darwinism’ that displaced Christian culture permeated Germany’s Nazis

From Volume 5 of the ‘Blue Series’ transcript of the Nazi war crimes trial, pgs 373-378. [This was copied and pasted from a PDF, which needs to be cleaned up.] I propose today to prove to you that all this organized and vast criminality springs from what I may be allowed to call a crime …

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“abortions for low-income people, we are eugenicists” Planned Parenthood

Their efforts are a sign that the left knows it needs new strategies, but also of the wide disagreement over what they should be. In describing her vision, Ms. Reyes used language some say is similar to the rhetoric frequently deployed by abortion rights’ fiercest opponents. “If all we [Planned Parenthood] do as an organization …

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Margaret Sanger on “human weeds” — “Real Facts About Birth Control”

Margaret Sanger, “Apostle of Birth Control Sees Cause Gaining Here,” 8 Apr 1923. Source.  Which asserts it comes from from the  “New York Times, Apr. 8, 1923, XII..” and also says:  “This article was reprinted by the American Birth Control League in a flyer with two other newspaper articles as “Real Facts About Birth Control,” …

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The ‘Minimum Wage’ as a way to make ‘defectives stand out’ for possible eugenic selection, 1913

Henry R. Seager, “The Minimum Wage as Part of a Program for Social Reform.” 1913. [SOURCE] As the enumeration of these benefits suggests, important reform to accompany minimum wage be comprehensive provision for industrial and trade education vocational guidance. Starvation wages are due frequently to exploitation, frequently to physical, mental and moral defects in the …

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Wilson: Government is a Living Thing that Obeys Darwin and Evolution

Woodrow Wilson in The New Freedom, 1913 (ISBN: 978-1-947844-89-6): The makers of our Federal Constitution read Montesquieu with true scientific enthusiasm. They were scientists in their way,—the best way of their age,—those fathers of the nation. Jefferson wrote of “the laws of Nature,”—and then by way of afterthought,— “and of Nature’s God.” And they constructed …

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