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Adam Sedwick Predicts Darwin’s Theory would Lead to Horrors; Darwin Not Pleased

After reading Darwin’s Origin, Adam Sedgwick, Darwin’s professor of natural science when he attended the University of Cambridge, wrote Darwin to express deep concerns about the theory: There is a moral or metaphysical part of nature as well as a physical.  A man who denies this is deep in the mire of folly.  Tis the …

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Abortion as Eugenics Directed at Black People, Bedroom Politics, Francis Beal

What is below was compiled and produced by Linda Greenhouse and Reva B. Siegel in their Before Roe v. Wade:  Voices that shaped the abortion debate before the Supreme Court’s ruling.  The ellipses reflect deletions by those authors.  Anyone who can locate the full, unabridged text, is kindly asked to contact the administrators of this …

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