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The cursed cure for Malaria: kept alive to live more miserably, William Vogt

The following is a vignette included by William Vogt in his 1948 The Road to Survival.  The eugenic implications of a cure for malaria was often considered by eugenicists, many of whom became fixated on the ‘over-population’ crisis.  Vogt was an early instigator of this ‘crisis.’  He strongly recommends the writings of eugenicist Guy Irving …

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Abortion as Eugenics Directed at Black People, Bedroom Politics, Francis Beal

What is below was compiled and produced by Linda Greenhouse and Reva B. Siegel in their Before Roe v. Wade:  Voices that shaped the abortion debate before the Supreme Court’s ruling.  The ellipses reflect deletions by those authors.  Anyone who can locate the full, unabridged text, is kindly asked to contact the administrators of this …

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