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Guy Irving Burch: Darwin, Eugenics, and War

Guy Irving Burch was a staunch eugenicist and early advocate for population control on both environment grounds and eugenic grounds.  He rests his arguments explicitly on Darwin and Malthus, as this introduction to chapter 4 of his Human Breeding and Survival: Population Roads to Peace or War illustrates (pg 40). ————————- Chapter Four Freedom from …

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Guy Irving Burch: Sterilize or Segregate

[Source] Context, etc, to be determined. [T]here is almost unanimous agreement among competent authorities that those who are definitely mentally defective should not reproduce their kind. This can be accomplished either by segregation or by voluntary sterilization.

The cursed cure for Malaria: kept alive to live more miserably, William Vogt

The following is a vignette included by William Vogt in his 1948 The Road to Survival.  The eugenic implications of a cure for malaria was often considered by eugenicists, many of whom became fixated on the ‘over-population’ crisis.  Vogt was an early instigator of this ‘crisis.’  He strongly recommends the writings of eugenicist Guy Irving …

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