The Jaffe Memo and Eugenics

After World War 2, it became unwise to advocate for eugenics openly.  However, since eugenicists believed that they were only extending scientific principles, and felt that they stood on the bedrock of Darwinian truth, they could not just abandon the program.  They explicitly took to covert means of advancing their agenda, and, deprived of coercive measures, took to persuading people to ‘voluntarily’ inflicting eugenics thinking on themselves, and have people think it was their own idea, all along (voluntary unconscious selection).  The natural home for these efforts was ‘family planning.’  The ‘compelling issue’ transformed from racial purity to  ‘Over-population.’  Today the ‘compelling issue’ is ‘Climate change.’  Tellingly, ‘family planning’ is put forward in each and every ‘crisis’ as the solution to otherwise intractable problems.  The ‘people’ will draw the right conclusions.

In the so-called “Jaffe Memo” we see exactly the sort of programs the eugenicists turned to.  Look closely; they are not all that different than what the eugenicists had proposed decades earlier.  Indeed, some of them are exactly the same.  That should not surprise you, given that the people involved in coming up with the ideas contained in this ‘memo’ were almost in every case ‘recovering’ eugenicists.

More information and background on this memo can be found here, where it can also be downloaded as a PDF.


The Jaffe Memo


    • Lillian Porter on July 7, 2020 at 11:04 pm
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    Perhaps it is my visual impairment, but I don’t see any identifying info on the Jaffe Memo. I think it used to say “Memo to Bernard Berelson (1969) and, at bottom, that the memo was published in 1970 (as a supplement) in the Planned Parenthood birth control journal.
    In order for me to use this memo, I wish that identifying information was still there.
    My hope is that the memo will show that abortion and other “reproductive health” decisions, are not made by completely free and informed choices.

  1. The image above lists the source, which is accurate.

    You need to go to

    Everything is explained there, including its origins, its context, and so on.

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