CF Dight’s Crusade With Hitler for Genetic Counseling

Many people believe the Nazis were entirely different animals than the rest of humanity, but the truth is that they had many ideological ‘friends’ elsewhere, and no, not in the circles of white supremacy.  Rather, they were doctors and scientists and other professionals of good standing, well regarded in America at the time.  CF Dight was one such man, who also happened to be one of the early supporters of ‘heredity clinics,’ or what would become known as ‘genetic counseling.’

Source:  dight letter to hitler  See also: DightHistory-1984v49i03p099-108

Text of Dight’s letter:

Minnesota Eugenics Society

Minneapolis, Minnesota

August, 1933

Chancellor Adolf Hitler,
Berlin, Germany.
Honorable Chancellor;

I inclose a clipping from the Minneapolis Journal of Minnesota, United States of America, relating to, and praising your plan to stamp out mental inferiority among the German people.

I trust you will accept my sincere wish that your efforst along that line will be a great success and will advance the eugenics movement in other nations as well as in Germany.


C.F. Dight, M.D.

President Minnesota Eugenics Society

Text of newspaper clipping:

Looking to Hitler

To the Editor of The Journal

The report persistently comes from Berlin that congenital feeble-mindedness, insanity, epilepsy, and some other serious conditions that are inheritable are to be stamped out among the German people.  Adolf Hitler is having broad and scientific plans for this.  If carried out effectively, it will make him the leader in the greatest national movement for human betterment the world has ever seen.  The world’s two great needs are co-operation in industry for social good and biological race betterment through eugenics.

C.F. Dight

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