Josef Mengele and creating a human super-race, as though you were breeding horses

As quoted in Mengele: The Complete Story by Gerald L. Posner and John Ware (1986) on page 43:

… [Josef] Mengele’s main aim, as interpreted by Dr. Puzyna, the inmate anthropologist, was wholly unscientific:

I found Mengele a picture of what can only be described as a maniac.  He turned the truth on its head.  He believed you could create a new super-race as though you were breeding horses.  He thought it was possible to gain absolute control over a whole race.  Man is so infinitely complex that the kind of strict control over such a vast population could never exist.  He was a racist and a Nazi.  He was ambitious up to the point of being completely inhuman.  He was mad about genetic engineering.  I believe he thought that when he finished with the Jewish race he’d start on the Poles, and when he finished with them, he’d start on someone else.  Above all, I believe that he would have killed his own mother if it would have helped him.

Posner and Ware offer this citation for this quote:  “Dr. Martina Puzyna, personal interview by the authors, June 1985.”

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