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End of the Earth in 35 Years – Earth Day 1970 Cartoon

After eugenics became unpopular, it morphed seamlessly into over-population control, which morphed into environmentalism, which morphed into today’s ‘climate change’ hysteria.  Besides the fact that all of the same people are involved (eg, Gaylord Nelson, a founder of Earth Day, cited Harrison Brown, a eugenicist, in defense of his views) and share roughly the same …

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Bentley Glass: “No parent will have the right to burden society with a defective child”

Excerpt from Dangerous Diagnostics by Dorothy Nelkin and Laurence R. Tancredi (pg 12, 1994) [Source] And in the same year [1970], Bentley Glass, in his retirement address as president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, called for “the use of the new biology to assure the quality of all new babies.  … …

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