Houston Stewart Chamberlain on Forel’s Assessment of the Negro Race

Source: Houston Stewart Chamberlain’s The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century [page 290], 1913.

Professor August Forel, the well-known psychiatrist, has made interesting studies in the United States and the West Indian Islands, on the victory of intellectually inferior races over higher ones because of their greater virility. “Though the brain of the Negro is weaker than that of the white, yet his generative power and the predominance of his qualities in the descendants are all greater than those of the whites. The white race isolates itself (therefore) from them more and more strictly, not only in sexual but in all relations, because it has at last recognised that crossing means its own destruction.” Forel shows by numerous examples how impossible it is for the Negro to assimilate our civilisation more than skin-deep, and how so soon as he is left to himself he everywhere degenerates into the “most absolute primitive African savagery.”(For more detail on this subject, see the interesting book of Hesketh Pritchard, Where Black Rules White, Hayti, 1900; any one who has been reared on phrases of the equality of mankind, etc., will shudder when he learns how matters really stand so soon as the blacks in a State get the upper hand). And Forel, who as a scientist is educated in the dogma of the one, everywhere equal, humanity, comes to the conclusion: “Even for their own good the blacks must be treated as what they are, an absolutely subordinate, inferior, lower type of men, incapable themselves of culture. That must once for all be clearly and openly stated.” (See the account of his journey in Harden’s Zukunft, February 17, 1900). — For this question of race-crossings and the constant victory of the inferior race over the superior, see also the work of Ferdinand Hueppe, which is equally rich in facts and perceptions, Uber die modernen Kolonisations-bestrebungen und die Auspassungsm glichkeit der Europer and die Tropen (Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, 1901).  In Australia, for example, a process of sifting is quietly but very quickly going on, whereby the tall fair Teuton–so strongly represented in the English blood–is disappearing, while the added element of the homo alpinus is gaining the upper hand.

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