Category: social engineering

Carrel: Children should be conditioned like dogs

Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize Winner.  Man the Unknown, 1939.  [Source] […] A man’s value depends on his capacity to face adverse situations rapidly and without effort.  Such alertness is attained by building up many kinds of reflexes and instinctive reactions.  The younger the individual, the easier is the establishment of reflexes. A child can  accumulate …

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Excerpt from “Propaganda” by Jacques Ellul: People WANT to Hate, Propaganda gives them what they WANT

Propaganda by Jacques Ellul.  Pg 148-152, 155, 160  [Let us accept as a premise that modern man] is more susceptible to suggestion, more credulous, more easily excited. Above all he is a victim of emptiness–he is a man devoid of meaning. He is very busy, but he is emotionally empty, open to all entreaties and …

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