Eugenics Quote of the Day: ‘Put the Defectives in a Camp and Drown Them’, W.S. Main, Wisconsin State Senator

W.S. Main, Wisconsin state senator, speaking in 1890, as found in “Criminals and their Treatment”, in Proceedings of the Wisconsin Conference for 1890. Quoted in “Wisconsin Magazine of History, Spring 1960.

If all these [hereditary criminals] could be marshalled into one great camp and with a mill stone around each of their necks, cast into the midst of the sea the people would be relieved of their weightiest burden and the pathways of coming generations brightened with hope as never before.





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    • Sue McKeown on April 22, 2019 at 3:37 pm
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    An embarrassment to all Wisconsin natives, whether they still live in the state or not. Unfortunately, a number of other states had eugenics advocates who were just as bad or worse.

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